Google IT Support Professional Certificate (May 2021 – Wales)

Explore a career path in IT and build in-demand skills with this online professional certificate developed by one of the world’s leading tech companies.

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Unlock your new career in IT Support

Enjoy solving problems? Think a customer service role might be right for you? Turn your interest in IT into a career path with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. This course equips you with the know-how and practical foundation to apply for entry-level IT Support roles with confidence.

The course includes:

  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate online training

  • Group and one-to-one support while learning

  • Access to individuals working in the IT sector

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What to expect from this course

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is a flexible 3-4 month online course that opens the door to specialist IT online training and guidance to help unlock your future career. Learn at your own pace, get hands-on experience with professional software, and build the in-demand skills you need to secure an IT Support role.

During your time on the course, you'll explore what it takes to build a successful career in IT, and learn how to use a wide variety of technology to troubleshoot common IT problems.

You’ll also hear first-hand from industry experts who can offer you advice on starting your IT career. And get access to one-to-one support to help you make the most of your time while learning with us.

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate involves 5 entry-level online training modules:

  • Module 1: Technical Support Fundamentals

  • Module 2: The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

  • Module 3: Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

  • Module 4: System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

  • Module 5: IT Security: Defence Against the Digital Dark Arts

How do I get involved?

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The Google IT Support Professional Certificate includes videos, interactive projects, quizzes and regular assessments to boost your learning. And, with The Prince's Trust, you'll also receive personal support to keep you on track and motivated.

We’re here to help you throughout your journey and guide you on your path to success. While studying, you’ll be matched with a Prince’s Trust Executive who can offer you advice and support you as you learn.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a computer for this course?

Yes. This is an online course and involves training that mobile phones and tablets may not be able to support. You will need both reliable internet access and ready access to a laptop or desktop computer.

If you only currently have access to a mobile phone or tablet, don’t worry. You can check out other learning courses and support available to you through The Prince’s Trust:

What is IT Support?

Crashes, battery life, errors. You’ve probably experienced issues with computers, mobile phones, or other digital devices in your life.

In the workplace, these issues can have a big impact on how well people can do their jobs. Technology is an important tool for pretty much every business – and that means there’s a need for people to fix it when things go wrong.

IT Support is the ‘emergency service’ for technology in the workplace. It involves identifying and solving problems when technology isn’t working in the way it should. Support teams are called on to fix and ‘de-bug’ devices as quickly as possible so that other employees can remain productive.

What’s it like to work in IT?

IT Support can be an exciting career path and is a growing industry with lots of opportunity for personal growth.

Entry-level skills will open the door to well-paid and flexible roles, with options to work on-site or from home depending on the role. Support roles are both challenging and rewarding, with the need for fast thinking and problem solving. You’ll also find plenty of opportunity to learn new in-demand skills once you’ve got into an IT Support role that will put you in good shape to climb the career ladder.

You’ll hear more from people working in IT as you progress through the course.

What type of business employs IT Support professionals?

Most businesses and organisations employ IT Support professionals. Anywhere computers and software are used, there is a need for people to fix them!

Do I need skills or experience to complete this certificate?

No. You don’t need to have any experience of working in IT, but an interest in and motivation to build a career in IT Support is important to your success. You’ll need basic English and Maths skills, and some knowledge of IT would be an advantage although not essential. You should also be prepared to commit to 10-15 hours of weekly study and make the most of the support available to you through The Prince’s Trust.

Is the Google IT Support Certificate a qualification?

The Google IT Support Certificate is not considered a qualification but is an accreditation developed by one of the world’s leading and most respected tech companies.

Its connection with Google makes it something that many companies recognise. Once you’ve achieved the certificate, you can give employers a unique code which lets them see your achievements.

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Decided this course isn’t for you?

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